Coordinated by Marta Dahó and Jordi S. Nicolau

Contributions by Floro Azqueta, Mikel Bergara, Daniel Canogar, Marta Dahó, Ramón de España, Miren Jaio, Miquel Jordá, Hannon Kennedy, Ron Kuivila, Rosa Martínez, Stevie Rexroth, Domènech Ribot, Iñigo Royo, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Rafael Tous and Davey Williams


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In the last 12 years of its trajectory (1995- 2006), Metrònom’s publishing activity was reduced but the intense activity of its program has been recorded through yearbooks that have remained in history.

Contemporary Art
129 pages
Paperback, 23x30 cm
Spanish, English, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 1996
ISBN 9788434314481