Coordinated by Cristina Díaz and Manuel Segade

Contributions by Rafael Tous, Cristina Diaz, Marie José Burki, william James, Kris Schoolz, Steven Tynan, Bárbara Held, Ivan Bercedo and Jorge Mestre, Carles Hac i Mor i Ester Xargay, Isaki Lacuesta, Sylvie Bussiperes, Perejaume and Joan Fontcuberta


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In the last 12 years of its trajectory (1995- 2006), Metrònom’s publishing activity was reduced but the intense activity of its program has been recorded through yearbooks that have remained in history. Since 1999, each yearbook has included 1-3 DVDs with the record of sound pieces, exhibitions and performances.

Contemporary Art

+ 2 DVD

60 pages
Hardback, 14x25 cm
Spanish, English, Catalan
Metrònom, 1st edition 2003
ISBN 9788434314535