Coordinated by Anna Guarro

Coontributions by Rafael Tous, Ana Mas, Aiyoung Yun, Terri Hanlon, Peter Bosch i Simone Simons, Juande Jarillo, Francesc Abad, Pedro Ortuño, Laure Vasconi, Jaume Xifra, Thierry Lefébure, Manuel Saiz, Jaume Parera


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In the last 12 years of its trajectory (1995- 2006), Metrònom’s pub- lishing activity was reduced but the intense activity of its program has been recorded through yearbooks that have remained in his- tory. Since 1999, each yearbook has included 1-3 DVDs with the record of sound pieces, exhibitions and performances.

Contemporary Art

+ 2 DVD

60 pages
Hardback, 14x25 cm
Catalan, Spanish, English
Metrònom, 1st edition 2002
ISBN 9788434314528