Log #50
Model Behavior
Edited by Cynthia Davidson


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From the economic to the political, from public health to the climate, models seem to run the world. In architecture, the model is no longer just a physical tool for conceptualizing or representing architects’ visions but must also encompass digital and 3D-printed models, data and artificial intelligence models, business models, educational models, and even engage the discipline’s own questionable history in establishing role models.

Architecture, Magazine
A thematic issue, Log 50: Model Behavior interrogates models in this expanded sense: what are their values, their behaviors, and the behaviors they elicit. In a record-setting 256 pages, 39 authors, ranging from established architectural thinkers to up-and-coming practitioners, examine the role of the model in architecture today through critical essays, conversations, observations, projects, and provocations.
256 pages
Paperback, 17x23 cm
Log / Anyone Corp, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9780999237380