How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Buildings Rearrange Our Enviroment
Edited by Giovanna Borasi


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Exploring the subject of migrations and their impact on the built environment, the publication includes 16 stories written in a narrative form similar to historical fiction.

Popular Culture, Theory / History / Criticism
The stories featured highlight key concepts critical to understanding the movement of people, animals, objects and ideas and explore the physical impact of this movement on the built environment. The book brings together different authors, subjects and historical periods in a cohesive way, allowing it to maintain a consistent narrative feel throughout. The authors, experts within their research field, come from various disciplines. Their different backgrounds contribute to the book’s diverse and sometimes even witty content. Each story is accompanied by a specially commissioned illustration. A section in the book is also dedicated to photographs and images that visually represent the themes explored in the stories.

Giovanna Borasi is an Italian architect who has worked as a writer and editor in addition to her curatorial activities. She currently is Director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal, Quebec, since 2020.

320 pages
Paperback, 16.5x24 cm
Actar, 1st edition 2011
ISBN 9788492861545