Jeff Wall
Works and Collected Writings
Michael Newman


In addition to an in-depth essay by Michael Newman, this book reproduces the complete work of Jeff Wall to date and includes his main writings on the creative experience of other key contemporary artists.

Contemporary Art, Monograph
Jeff Wall’s large-scale Cibachrome tranparencies mounted on light-boxes have exerted a profound influence over little short of the past three decades. His work also spans a time in which way the relationship change. He is one of the last artists to work out his moves on the basis of a linear view of history and then to have a rethink the relationship of his work with art history in a world in which such a view of history was no longer tenable. His composition in both color and black-and-white maintain a constant dialogue with nineteenth-century genre painting and truly make him, in charles Baudelaire’s expression, a painter of modern life.

Michael Newman is an art Professor and a freelance art critic (since 1980, member of AICA UK), and co-editor of Itineraries, monographs on contemporary artists (Reaktion Books, London), Advisory Board, After All art journal, London.


Hardback with printed band

392 pages, 134 illustrations
Hardback, 21x25.5 cm
Spanish, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2007
ISBN 9788434311312