Giorgio Morandi
Works, Writings, Interviews
Karen Wilkin


Giorgio Morandi’s lifelong pursuit of his poetic vision in still-life and landscape paintings as well as engravings and etchings has given him a deeply revered position in the history of modern art. This volume presents the work of this private and enigmatic twentieth century Bolognese artist.

Modern Art
Influenced by the work of Giotto, as well as Cézanne, the metaphysical painters, and the cubists, Morandi s work defies any label. His still-lifes and landscapes are serene groupings of muted objects, yet Morandi provokes a tension between them which speaks of spacial relationships, negative space, and nuances of light and color. His paintings seem to exist in a world outside of time, luminous and full of mysterious life.

(Spanish subtitle: Obras. Escritos. Entrevistas.)

160 pages, 130 illustrations
Hardback, 21.5x28 cm
Spanish, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2020
ISBN 9788434314986