Gary Hill. An Art of Limina
Works and Writings
George Quasha, Charles Stein


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Gary Hill is one of the most important contemporary artists investigating the relationships between words and electronic images. His inquiries into linguistics and consciousness offer resonant philosophical and poetic insights as he explores the formal conjuntions of electronic visual and audio elements with the body and the self. With experimental rigor, conceptual precision and imaginative leaps of discovery,

Contemporary Art, Monograph
Hill s work in video is about, and is, a new form of writing. In this book, George Quasha and Charles Stein , who met Gary Hill on mid-1970s analyze the whole career of the artist paying especial attention to the single-channel video work, where he explored the intertextuality of image, synthesized imagery and post-minimal political statements. Almost a complete-work monograph with a comprenhesive chronology of works and production details, the book includes a selection of key artists writings.

George Quasha is an artist, poet, and musician working across mediums to explore principles in common within language, sculpture, drawing, video, sound, installation, and performance.
Poet Charles Stein teaches art writing at the MFA program of the School of Visual Arts, New York.

640 pages, 316 illustrations
Hardback, 21x26 cm
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2009
ISBN 9788434310421