Erika Hock: Functionality and Fiction

Erika Hock

Essay by Vanessa Joan Müller


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Erika Hock’s first comprehensive monograph Functionality and Fiction brings together the artist’s work from the last ten years, which takes up stimuli from architecture, design, and art and translates them into hybrid constructs between sculpture, installations, furniture and display, which she calls “hosting structures”.

Contemporary Architecture
Her objects temporarily inscribe themselves as installations into the place as such by understanding it as an architectural system of coordinates that influences the perception of the work through its proportion and its repertoire of possible movements for the viewer in the space. In this sense, the reciprocal relationship of the body to the space and to the object is a central point in Erika Hock’s work.

Erika Hock is a Contemporary artist based in Cologne. Her practice is characterised by the fluid crossover in between sculptural and architectural elements.

136 pages
Hardback, 21x29 cm
German, English
Lugemik, 1st edition 2019
ISBN 9789949738120