Fernando Bryce: Américas

Fernando Bryce


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At the end of the nineties, Fernando Bryce (Lima 1965) abandoned painting to devote himself exclusively to drawing, making a work based on what the artist himself calls the method of mimetic analysis e.g. copies in Chinese ink of photographs, newspaper clippings, advertisements, advertising or popular propaganda, among others, from archives and libraries.

Artist's Book
Initially, his intention was to make a study of the history of power and images of his country, Peru. However, soon his archaeological-documentary research extended to the milestones and historical figures of the twentieth century, with a double purpose: to recover documents and images that, in the past, had been deliberately relegated to oblivion by official historiography, to anchor in the present those events destined to be quickly forgotten by the media of power. Bryce claims a new image, made from a mechanical copy of documents, statistical plans, bureaucratic reports and pamphlets, while at the same time turning the image into a new form of writing, into a graphology that shows the framework of specific historical events. This book brings together, in facsimile form, the Americas series including South of the Border, currently in the MOMA collection in a numbered edition of five hundred copies.

Limited edition: 500 copies

128 pages, 118 illustrations
Paperback, 21x30 cm
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2009
ISBN 9788434312005