Emergence Magazine #3
Living with the Unknown
Edited by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Seana Quinn, Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder

Anna Badkhen, Juan Bernabeu, Volker Bertelmann, Sheila Pree Bright, Sydney Cain, Camille T. Dungy, Azadeh Elmizadeh, Anisa George, Rebecca Giggs, Amitav Ghosh, Ann Hamilton, among many others
Design by Studio Airport


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What does living in an unfolding apocalyptic reality look like? The stories in Emergence Magazine, Volume 3: Living with the Unknown explore this question through four themes –Initiation, Ashes, Roots, and Futures– moving from the raw unknowing of transformation to a place of rooted possibility.

Magazine, Popular Culture
The Emergence Magazine's editorial crew commissioned new work from writers, artists, photographers, and poets, inviting them to respond to these themes. Within these pages you’ll experience fallen leaves, emerging cicadas, changing Artic landscapes, reflections on motherhood and beauty, the kinship among trees, inward migrations, and imagined post-apocalyptic realities.
286 pages
Paperback, 21.5x28.5 cm
Emergence Magazine, 1st edition 2022
ISBN 72527471489