Disegni / Dessins / Drawings

Livio Vacchini

Edited by Claudia Mion and Giacomo Ortalli
Preface by Claudia Mion and Giacomo Ortalli
Text of Roberto Masiero.


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If building sites build the buildings, it is the discourse that builds the architecture. The narrative at the basis of Vacchini’s work is synthesised in this publication through the unpublished presentation of drawings selected according to the graphic criteria developed by the architect himself over the years.

Architecture, Contemporary Architecture
About twenty years after their creation and ten years after Livio Vacchini's death, his drawings are presented with the force of icons. Vacchini chose to reduce the evocative and seductive power of the drawing in order to search for what precedes it. Drawing is not considered as a representative, descriptive or expressive skill, but as a logical capacity, as a synthesis, as a possibility to reduce to the essential. We cannot do without drawing, but we can reduce its signs to a minimum, in an attempt to grasp what gives rise to the very conditions of possibility of the project and allow the phenomenon to present itself in all its obviousness.

Livio Vacchini was one of the masters of architecture of our time, an architect whose work was characterised by a constant search for perfection and a perpetual questioning of the fundamental principles of architecture and its construction.

100 pages
Paperback, 29.7x42 cm
French, English, Italian
Cosa Mentale, 1st edition 2017
ISBN 9782955701058