Andreu Terrades: Darrer mariner
(Last Sailor)
Andreu Terrades


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Catalog of the visual poems of Andreu Terrades, published on the occasion of the exhibition at Metrònom in Barcelona.

Artist's Book, Contemporary Art
In the room of my house in Andratx there were sailor's trunks full of magazines, documents, letters and papers from when my godfather Esteve went to Cuba, as the skipper of a ship carrying cement. I didn't know much people from Andratx, so when I went swimming in the secluded places: Cala Llamp, Cala d'Egos, Es Caló del Monjo ... I took some papers inside the sign and read them and imagined the story of a character similar to my godfather who returned to the village after many years of being in Cuba. The character did the same as me: recalling aspects related to time, hours, days, events, memories, friends, loves, hobbies, and so on. Everything that is part of the link to a place, yours, which, despite the distance, you can never replace and to which you return for good."Last Sailor" is imaginary, but all of us who seek meaning in life through places that take us back to the same place of departure are involved.  –Andreu Terrades
60 pages
Paperback, 21x29.5 cm
Metrònom, 1st edition 1981
ISBN 9788434314580