Charles and Ray Eames
by architects series
Sandra Dachs, Patricia de Muga, Laura García Hintze

Introduction by Mathias Remmele
Design by Mot


Best know for their contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design, film and photography. Charles and Ray Eames remain among the most renowned American designers of the twentieth century.

Design, Modern Architecture
In 1946, Evans Products began producing the Eames molded plywood furniture. Their iconic molded plywood chair was called the chair of the century by the architectural critic Esther McCoy.
In 1949, Charles and Ray designed and built their own home in Pacific palisades, their design and imaginative use of materials making this house a mecca for architects and designers internationally.
After the war, the Eameses continued to create new furniture designs, such as the Fiberglass Chairs 1959, the famous Lounge Chair and Ottoman 1956, the Time Life stool 1960, the 3473 sofa 1964 and the seating for Dulles and O’Hare airports.
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