A Project by Anthony McCall and Adrew Tyndall
Andrew Tyndalll, Anthony McCall

Contributions by Jane Weinstock, David Himelfarb and Claire Pajaczkowska
New introduction by Mike Sperlinger and Ian White


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An expanded new edition of Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall’s book, originally published in 1978 to accompany their film of the same name.

Cinema / Photography, Essay / Literature
The book features three essays by McCall and Tyndall ('Sixteen Working Statements', 'Artist as Businessman' and 'Against the Numbers Theory'), which deal with filmmaking ,the politics of the image and the economic situation of artists. It also includes images from the film, contemporary responses and reviews, and a new introduction.
48 pages
Paperback, 15x21 cm
Lux, 1st edition 2006
ISBN 9780954856939