Alberto Giacometti
Works, Writings, Interviews
Ángel González


As this book explains, Giacometti spent his life exorcising this existential and formal void through a return to the human figure.

Modern Art, Monograph
The question that dominated Giacometti's work was how to restore in art the sense of the presence of the being in space. Giacometti sought tirelessly to establish his contingent volume, which became increasingly slender and threadlike, and to seize its finiteness in a reality, however banal it might be. He began to develop heads and nudes modeled in the void, in that experience of nothingness that opposed his quest for the absolute, a metaphor of the human condition.
160 pages, 140 illustrations
Hardback with jacket, 21.5x28 cm
Spanish, English
Polígrafa, 1st edition 2006
ISBN 9788434309500