Rewind + Play
An Anthology of Early British Video Art
John Adams, Peter Anderson, Kevin Atherton, Ian Bourn, Ian Breakwell, David Critchley, Peter Donebauer, Catherine Elwes, Judith Goddard, David Hall, Mick Hartney, Brian Hoey/Wendy Brown, Madelon Hooykaas/ Elsa Stansfield, Tina Keane, Tamara Krikorian, Mike Leggett, Stephen Littman, Stuart Marshall, Chris Meigh-Andrews/ Gabrielle Bown, Marcelline Mori, Stephen Partridge, Clive Richardson and Tony Sinden.


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REWIND + PLAY presents a selection of key works from the first decade of artist’s video practice in the UK.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
From early conceptual experiments exploring the parameters of the medium to works dealing with media culture and television this collection explores the range and diversity of the first years of video as new media. This three DVD box set includes 24 videos.
336 minutes, Color, B&W
Lux, Publication: 2009
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