Rameau's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen

Micheal Snow, Ivora Cusak, Stéfani de Loppinot

Jonas Mekas, Dennis Young, Nam-June Paik, P. Adams Sitney, Marie Antoinette Roy, Amy Taubin among others


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This boxset publication analyzes the grand oeuvre of Micheal Snow.
Each of Michael Snow’s works, spanning across painting, sculpture, video, film, photography, holography, drawing, publishing and music, invites us to experience, question and contemplate the representation, its process and material.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
Rameau's Nephew by Diderot (Thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen illustrates his research both in the visual arts and in sound: it is an authentic 'talking picture,' built from the true units of the syllable and the frame. All the possible image/sound relationships centering around people and speech generate the movie-audience relationships, a wide range of emotional possibilities; the experience of seeing/hearing this film.

Michael Snow's Rameau's Nephew Etc. makes me crazy, makes the top of my head go flying off. I have a need of its particular regenerative insanity at least once a month. —Amy Taubin, The Soho Weekly News, 1977
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This box contains the 4-1/4-hour film on two DVDs and a 184-page bilingual book by Ivora Cusack and Stéfani de Loppinot, prefaced by Michael Snow and translated by Pip Chodorov, analyzing the 25 sequences of the film and making available for the first time reproductions of Snow's original preparatory scripts and notes archived at the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto (Canada)

266 minutes, Color
DVD PAL Region Free
(Original format: 16mm)
Re:voir, Publication: 2011
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