Peter Gidal : Performance of Sorts with Brecht / Volcano / Denials
Peter Gidal

With Bertolt Brecht


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Peter Gidal is a renowned filmmaker, writer and theorist who has exhibited films internationally for the past 40 years. This limited edition DVD presents a rare performance by Gidal in which he interrogates his own practice as an experimental filmmaker and theorist via Brecht’s theatre theory, plus two of his key later film works and a new text work produced by Gidal to accompany the performance.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]

Peter Gidal (1946) studied theatre, psychology and literature at Brandeis University, Massachussets and at the University of Munich. He also studied at the Royal College of Art from 1968-71 where he later taught Advanced Film Studies. He was an active member of the London Filmmakers’ Co-operative and Co-founder of the Independent Film-makers’ Association. His films have been screened nationally and internationally including at Tate; Hayward Gallery; Museum of Modern Art, New York; the National Film Theatre and at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Retrospectives of his work have been held at ICA, London (1983) and Centre George Pompidou, Paris (1996) among others.

97 minutes
DVD-R, Region 0, PAL, 16:9, 4:3
(Original format: video, 16mm)
Lux, Publication: 2009
EAN 9788434314856