Paulo Providência - Architectonica Percepta
Texts and Images 1989–2015
Paulo Providência

Photographs by Alberto Plácido


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Paulo Providencia is an architect who occupies a special place in contemporary Portuguese architecture, and he is recognized by many as one of the leaders of the generation following Eduardo Souto de Moura. His built work—the majority of which is located in Portugal—is based on his sound theoretical background and rooted in philosophical and anthropological research.

Contemporary Architecture, Monograph
Paulo Providência—Architectonica Percepta celebrates Providencia’s influence on contemporary Portuguese architecture by looking closely at seven of his key buildings. The buildings are presented in striking duotone photographs taken by Alberto Plácido, and each building in the book is documented with selected plans and details about its design and construction. Rounding out the book are five essays by Providencia, reflecting on his work and his influences, such as Peter Zumthor.

Paulo Providência, born 1962 runs his own firm in Porto and leads a Design Studio at the Department of Architecture at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.
Alberto Plácido, born 1965 is a Portuguese photographer. The territory and the geographic space, and the way we appropriate them, are the main concerns of his artistic practice.


83 duotone, 76 b/w

232 pages, 159 illustrations
Paperback, 14x22 cm
Park Books, 1st edition 2016
ISBN 9783038600244