On and Around Architecture
Ten conversations. Sergison Bates architects
Edited by Gerold Kunz, Hilar Stadler, Jonathan Sergison, Stephen Bates and Mark Tuff


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Sergison Bates architects, established in 1996 and today running offices in London, Zurich, and Brussels, have made a name for themselves with projects ranging from housing to care homes, from educational and cultural institutions to urban-scale regeneration designs. Since the outset, the partners have engaged with the debate within the professions and have curated a number of exhibitions about the themes they explore in their teaching and practice.

Contemporary Architecture
This book features ten conversations Jonathan Sergison, Stephen Bates, and Mark Tuff have conducted with prominent Swiss-based architects, historians, and researchers and in which they reflect with their guests on the many aspects of making, teaching, and writing architecture. Topics and guests include: Learning from the European City (Roger Diener), The Provocation of Sustainability (Sascha Roesler), Rethinking Housing Conventions (Jean-Paul Jaccaud), Learning from the Recent Past (Stanislaus von Moos), Thinking and Writing (Martin Steinmann), Exploring Construction (Roger Boltshauser), Shaping Public Space (Maria Conen and Raoul Sigl), Finding and Repurposing (Elisabeth and Martin Boesch), Lessons from Teaching (Ludovica Molo), and Working Methods (Oliver Lütjens and Thomas Padmanabhan). The lively dialogues draw shared experiences in practice, teaching, and research, and form an inspirational reader for anyone with a deeper interest in architectural practice.

Gerold Kunz is an architect based in Ebikon, near Lucerne, Switzerland.
Hilar Stadler is director of Museum im Bellpark in K reins, near Lucerne, Switzerland, and also works as a freelance writer and curator.
Jonathan Sergison is founding partner of Sergison Bates architects. He is based in Zurich and also teaches as professor of architectural design at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio, Switzerland.
Stephen Bates is founding partner of Sergison Bates architects. He is based in London and also teaches as professor of urbanism and housing at Technical University of Munich, Germany.
Mark Tuff is a partner with Sergison Bates architects since 2006. Based in London, he oversees the management of the practice and supervises the work of project architects.

192 pages, 20 illustrations
Paperback, 16x25.5 cm
Park Books, 1st edition 2021
ISBN 9783038602286