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Maya Deren


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My purpose is to make an experimental motion picture (the physical scope of which is subject to material conditions) in which I will attempt to develop a cinematic art form, originating in the creative potentialities of the movie camera itself, and freed from the influence of other artistic idioms, such as literature, theater, the plastic and pictorial arts. —Maya Deren, 1944


Meshes of the Afternoon 1943 16mm 15min
At Land, 1944, 16mm, 16min
Ritual in Transfigured Time, 1945-1946, 16mm, 16min

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
The cinema of Maya Deren delivers us from the studios: it presents our eyes with physical facts which contain profound psychological meaning; it beats out within our hearts or upon our hearts a time which alternates, continues, revolves, pounds, or flies away.... One escapes from the stupidity of make-believe. One is in the reality of the cinematic fact, captured by Maya Deren at that point where the lens cooperates as a prodigious discoverer. —Le Corbusier

She is the mother of us all. —Stan Brakhage
47 minutes, B&W
DVD PAL, Region 0 interzone
(Original format: 16mm)
Subtitles: English, Spanish, German, Italian
Re:voir, Publication: 2008
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