Mara Mattuschka/Chris Haring
Burning Down the Palace


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Burning Palace turned out to be a melancholy film. Here, I introduced five people who are in a show at a bar, who live in this hotel and have very different relationships with one another. After the show – they are already sleeping – they are woken by Pan for the night and therefore wake up to the destruction that is held within them. This often has a sexual origin or it’s mixed in together. —Mara Mattuschka

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
All of these work deal somewhat with a fake factor. Part Time Heroes handles the star concept, in a larger than life way; Running Sushi refers to comics and manga. Burning Palace, on the other hand, is based on The Art of Seduction. [...] For the human body to remain interesting, one must constantly put it in a different light or in another context. One has to look at the body sideways. With this, one achieves a large choreographic change in perspective, because everything is altered. In another context, one also experiences the body in a new way, already because you view it differently. —Chris Haring

These films are based on choreographic works by LIQUID LOFT.
32 minutes, Color
DVD PAL / No Regiional code
Index Edition, Publication: 2009
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