Jonas Mekas: Scenes from Allen’s last three days on earth as a spirit

Jonas Mekas

Peter Orlovsky, Patti Smith, Gregory Corso, LeRoi Jones, Amiri Baraka, Hiro Yamagata, Ane Waldman


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A film covering the funeral wake for Allen Ginsberg filmed by Jonas Mekas.

This is a video record of the Buddhist wake ceremony at Allen Ginsberg’s apartment. You see Allen, now asleep forever, his close friends, and the Buddhist monks conducting the ceremony, preparing Allen for the travel into the spirit world. You also see Allen being wrapped up and removed from the apartment to the Buddhist Temple. I talk to Peter Orlovsky about Allen’s last days. Later I tape the final farewell at the Buddhist Temple, 118 West 22nd Street, New York City, and many of Allen’s friends. —J. M.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
The video Jonas is bringing us today was shot in New York in 1997 during the three days following Ginsberg’s death, in the new loft into which he had recently moved, at the very spot where he died. It is the last encounter, troubled and troubling, between these two extraordinary and oversized minds, each of whom were able to forge a unique destiny. —Jean-Jacques Lebel
Notes & Video details

Contains a 16-page booklet by Jean-Jacques Lebel

67 minutes, Color
DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0, Mono, 4:3
(Original format: video)
Re:voir, Publication: 2013
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