Hans Richtert: Early Works

Hans Richter

With Cecile Starr


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“By film I mean visual rhythm… to see movement, organized movement, wakes us up, wakes up resistance, wakes up the reflexes, and perhaps wakes up our sense of enjoyment as well. This kind of film gives memory nothing to hang on. At the mercy of “feeling”, reduced to going with the rhythm according to the successive rise and fall of the breath and the heartbeat, we are given a sense of what feeling and perceiving really is: a process–movement.”- Hans Richter, 1924

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
Richter's position in the art world was unique. As one of the earliest exponents of Dada, he was also one of the first to recognize the new possibilities cinematography offered the artist. He participated in the first avant-garde film movement alongside Léger, Duchamp, Man Ray, Picabia, Cocteau and Dali, and later in New York his teachings would influence many of the "New American Cinema" filmmakers.


Rhythmus 21, 1921, 4min
Rhythmus 23, 1923, 4min
Filmstudie, 1926, 5min
Ghosts Before Breakfast (Vormittagsspuk), 1927-28, 7min
Race Symphony, 1928-29, 7min
Two Pence Magic (Zweigroschenzauber), 1928-29, 2min
Inflation, 1927, 3min
Everything Turns Everything Revolves, 1929, 3min
49 minutes, Color
DVD5 PAL Interzone/Region 0, mono
(Original format: 16mm)
Re:voir, Publication: 2021
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