Guy Sherwin: Short Film Series 1975-2014

Guy Sherwin


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Available for the first time on DVD, Guy Sherwin’s acclaimed Short Film Series, a unique collection of interconnected 16mm 3 minute films started in 1975. The series is held together by certain formal considerations: each film is three minutes long, i.e. the length of a roll of 16mm film, all films are b/w and silent, and the order in which they are shown is flexible. Apart from this there is a range of imagery from portraiture to still life to travel.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
The films operate on the border between movement and stillness, revealing their inner logic through an active engagement in looking. '100' reels of epiphanies, time-lapse studies, ordinary objects and scenes rendered strange and ambiguous.


Chimney, 1977
Columns, 1977
Cycle, 1978
Yi Wei, 2011
Mei, 2010
Guy & Kai, 2013
Candle & Clock, 1977
Blink, 1977
Window/Light, 2013
Tree Reflection, 1997/8
Cat, 1997/8
Treeline, 1976
Maya, 1978
Window, 1976
Breathing, 1978
Light Leaves, 1978
Eye, 1978
Swimming, 1977
Clouds & Wires, 1997/8
Tree & Cloud, 1997/8
Coots, 1997/8
Cat on TV, 1977
Handcrank Clock, 1976
Gnats, 1997/8
Night Train, 1978
Tap, 1978
Track, 1976
Hand/ Shutter, 1976
Clock & Train, 1978
Portrait with Parents,1975
Barn, 1978
Wind & Water, 1980
Piano, 2013
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Published by LUX with the support of the University of Wolverhampton and Middlesex University

98 minutes, B&W
DVD 5/ PAL/Region 0
(Original format: 16mm)
No sound
Lux, Publication: 2014
EAN 9780992884000