Cinémas de traverse

Frédérique Devaux, Michel Amarger

Jonas Mekas, Peter Kubelka, Boris Lehman, Joseph Morder, Peter Tscherkassky, Guy Sherwin


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Created in collaboration with artist from around the world, this film highlights the diversity of experimental practices, as well as the possible connections between them. This documentary takes on a decidedly subjective approach (as shown by logbook), tracing a journey through the world of experimental film.

Experimental Cinema [dvd]
Experimental filmmakers reveal their approach, techniques and cinematic vision across four continents. The film calls into question notion of experimentation through visits to alternative film labs and cooperatives involved in the distribution and archiving of experimental film. Screenings in festivals and DVD releases create accessibility and enable this art form to reach wider public.
This journey sketches out an imaginary film, a new stage in the development of Cinémas de traverse whose contours are limitless.

Frédérique Devaux and Michel Amarger have been making experimental films and documentaries since 1980. In 2000 they began a series of portraits of experimental filmmakers and organizatons, entitled Cinexpérimentaux.

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Includes 2 DVDs (movie + bonus) and a 20-page booklet with texts by Raphaël Bassan, Emile Breton and Gabriela Trujillo.

182 minutes, Color
2 DVD5 PAL 4:3
(Original format: Video)
French, English
Subtitles: French, German, Lithuanian
Re:voir, Publication: 2015
EAN 3493551101185