AP 164: Ábalos & Herreros

Edited by Giovanna Borasi

Selected by Kersten Geers and David Van Severen, Juan José Castellón González, Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu.
Interpretation in photographs by Stefano Graziani.


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Ábalos & Herreros was founded in Madrid in 1984. Following the end of the Franco regime, architects were valued more for their technical ability than for their contributions to theoretical research. In this context, Ábalos & Herreros’s melding of design with a range of publications and curatorial projects presented a remarkable challenge to assumptions about the role of an architect. Their influential work is re-interpreted in this book by their contemporaries, collaborators, and students.

Contemporary Architecture, Monograph
In 2012, the Canadian Centre for Architecture obtained the Ábalos & Herreros archive, which contains documents related to more than 160 projects. The material comprises sketches, slides, models, collages, and drawings. The archive presents a compelling opportunity to reconstruct Ábalos & Herreros’s planning and design process. Each of the book’s three contributors—two of whom worked with Ábalos & Herreros—approaches the archive with specific questions, and their essays explore topics including the architects’ fascination with industrial architecture, their capacity to construct a hybrid materiality without recourse to building technology as language, and their innovative visions for landscape architecture.
While many have written about the work of Ábalos & Herreros, previous books have been based mainly on their built projects and ongoing research. AP 164: Ábalos & Herreros is the first book to draw on the firm’s archive to offer a new take on this important architectural practice.

 Giovanna Borasi is an architect and the CCA's curator for contemporary architecture.


136 color, 248 b/w 

208 pages, 384 illustrations
Paperback, 24x31 cm
Park Books, 1st edition 2016
ISBN 9783038600060